London Beach Veterans 2022

Christmas Party

The Veterans section at London Beach is an active and friendly group of players over the age of 55. We have competitions most Wednesdays, meeting at 08:30, as well as matches against other clubs throughout the year. Small groups also meet most Monday and Friday mornings for informal golf.

Like to join us?

We welcome new players with or without handicaps. As you can see from the current handicap list alongside, we have a wide range of abilities so any vet will fit right in. For more information, or to join us, contact the Pro Shop on 01580 767 616, email:

Officers 2022

Officers 2022
L to R:  Ian Simpson (Captain), Mike Wells (Secretary & Auditor), Ken Birch (Vice Captain), Alan Brewer (Treasurer)

Forthcoming Events

Fri 5 Aug: Tenterden Open

Wed 10 Aug: Match v Westgate & Birchington H

Wed 17 Aug: Match v The Ridge H

Freedom at last and the course is looking beautiful.

Information on our Welfare Officer

Information on our welfare officer

Summer is coming

Recent Results

Wed 3 Aug – Texas Scramble

1st  Arthur Mills, Brian Miller, Hugh Shyvers, Mick McVeigh: 59.8

2nd  Norman Taylor, Glyn Leaney, Rick Bamford: 62.9

3rd  Alan Brewer, Mike Wells, Sean Doody: 64.5

Wed 6 July – Henk Eenkhoorn Salver

1st Colin Young 44pts

2nd Norman Taylor 40pts

3rd Wilf Missing 38pts

Mon 4 July – Captain’s Away Day

Competition Winner Ian Hunter 39pts

2nd Mike Selling 37pts

3rd Brian Jones 35pts

Nearest Pin on 11th Mike Selling

Nearest Pin in 2 on 18th Sam Brown

Wed 29 June – Texas Scramble

1st Rick Bamford, Brian Mille,r Ernie Frost, Gary Woodworth 62.1

2nd David Woollaston, John Collison, Arthur Mills 62.6

3rd Gordon Thurstans, Roger Fuller, Melvyn Eyles 63.1

Wed 22 June – David Vincent 5-club Challenge

1 Dennis Read 39pts

2 Mick McVeigh 38pts c/b

3 Ken Birch 38pts

Wed 15 June – Stableford

1st Colin Young: 40 pts

2nd Ray Locke: 39

3rd Hugh Shyvers: 38

Wed 08 June: June Medal

1st Brian Jones: 67

2nd Martyn Senior: 69

3rd Chris Pattenden: 71

Wed 1 June – Scramble

1st Nick Catt, Geoff Donovan, Brian Smith: 58.4

2nd Malcolm Eardley, Melvyn Eyles, Mick McVeigh: 64.6

3rd Ernie Frost, Peter Sands, Norman Taylor: 64.8

Wed 18 May – The Waltz

1st Malcolm Eardley, Brian Smith, Norman Taylor: 86 pts

2nd  Brendan Carroll, Dennis Read, David Woollaston: 81

3rd Nick Catt, Terry Farmer, Mike Wells: 81 ocb

Wed 11 May – Texas Scramble

1st Brian Smith, Tug Wilson, Gary Woodworth 64.7

2nd Alan Brewer, Chris Pattenden, Mike Wells, 65.8

3rd John Collison, Melvyn Eyles, Brian Miller, 69.4

Wed 4 May – Spring Stableford Trophy

1st Chris Pattenden 42pts

2nd Martyn Senior 41

3rd Terry Farmer 39

Wed 27 April – Texas Scramble

1st Tim Sparkes, David Woollaston, Martin Cole, Mick McVeigh 61

2nd Gordon Thurstans, Brian Smith, Malcolm Eardley, Arthur Mills 62.9

3rd Rick Bamford, Peter Sands, Glyn Leaney 64.9

Wed 20 April – Medal

1st Malcolm Eardley  67

2nd Norman Taylor 68 ocb

3rd Colin Young 68

Wed 6 April – 18-hole Stableford

1st  Nick Catt 38pts

2nd Colin Young 35pts

3rd Chris Pattenden 34pts

Wed 6 April – 9-hole Stableford

1st Brian Jones 20pts ocb

2nd Gordon Thurstans20pts

3rd Malcolm Eardley19pts

Wed 30 March – 5-Club Challenge

1st Mike Wells 39pts

2nd David Woollaston 36 pts

3rd Ray Locke 35 pts

Wed 23 March – Stableford

1st Nick Catt – 34pts

2nd Dennis Read – 33pts

3rd Norman Taylor – 31pts

Wed 16 March – Texas Scramble

1st Ray Locke, Brian Piddock, Norman Taylor, Mike Wells: 62.3

2nd Ernie Frost, Chris Pattenden, Colin Young: 64.1

3rd Ken Birch, Arthur Mills, Gordon Thurstans, David Woollaston: 65.3

Wed 9 March – Captain’s Drive-in and 9-hole Stableford

Nearest to Captain’s Drive: John Humphries

Nearest to 4th pin: Gordon Thurstans

Nearest to 7th pin in Two: Terry Russell

Winner of the 9 hole competition: Brendan Carroll – 21pts ocb

2nd: Terry Russell – 21pts

Wed 23 February – 9-hole Stableford

1st Ray Locke: 22pts

2nd Mick McVeigh: 18pts

3rd Chris Pattenden:17pts

Wed 16 February – 9-hole Stableford

1st Ray Locke: 18pts

2nd Glyn Leaney: 17pts ocb

3rd Mick McVeigh: 17pts

Wed 9 February – 18-hole Foursomes

1st Nick Catt & Ray Locke: 38pts

2nd Brian Piddock & Colin Young: 35pts

3rd Chris Pattenden & Dennis Read: 31pts

Wed 2 February – 9-hole Texas Scramble

1st  : Duncan Atkinson, Ernie Frost, Ray Locke: 32.0

2nd :  David Ball, Ken Birch, Mike Wells: 33.4

3rd  : Paul Ellis, Mike Selling, Colin Young: 33.9

Wed 26th January – 9-hole Texas Scramble

1st Nick Catt, Ray Locke, Arthur Mills, Hugh Shyvers: 31.0

2nd Paul Ellis, Dennis Read, Mike Wells: 33.5

3rd Brendan Carroll, Brian Piddock, Tug Wilson: 33.7

Wed 19th January – 9-hole Texas Scramble

1st Brendan Carroll, Arthur Mills, Gordon Thurstans: 28.0

2nd Ray Locke, Chris Pattenden, Mike Selling: 28.8

3rd Duncan Atkinson, Wilf Missing, Dennis Read: 34.5

Birds seen and heard on course

Greylag Goose - Everywhere

World Handicap System

Members' Handicaps January 2022

First Name Surname WHS HI
Duncan Atkinson 19.3
David Ball 19.2
Richard Bamford 29.9
Ken Birch 25.8
Alan Brewer 22.5
Ian Bridgland 29.00
Phil Brotherwood 13.0
Martin Burrells 32.2
Brendan Carroll 19.3
Nick Catt 28.9
Eddie Chambers 25.4
Keith Clover 23.1
Peter Cockcroft 21.6
Martin Cole 16.2
Maurice Cox ?
Terry Deeley 19.1
Geoff Donovan 16.8
Malcolm Eardly 25.9
Paul Ellis 15.1
Melvyn Eyles 16.8
Terry Farmer 25.7
Ernie Frost 28.9
Roger Fuller 32.2
Steve Gower 14.4
Alan Green 44.8
Roger Groocock 28.0
Andy Hall 7.2
John Humphries 15.9
John Hunt 23.3
Brian Jones 22.8
Glyn Leaney 25.8
Ray Locke 11.5
Ricky Mancini 42.8
John Mansell 28.6
Sean McLoughlin 28.0
Brian McLean 21.1
Mike McVeigh 42.2
Brian Miller 24.8
Arthur Mills 32.8
Wilf Missing 19.7
Charles Mitcham 20.4
Chris Nichol 26.7
Chris Pattenden 22.0
Brian Piddock 32.4
Chris Prigmore 20.6
Dennis Read 27.1
Pat Regan 22.0
John Roberts 13.9
Terry Russell 17.5
Peter Sands 25.4
Mike Selling 28.9
Martyn Senior 28.1
Hugh Shyvers 28.6
Ian Simpson 32.2
Brian Smith 21.9
Tim Sparkes 20.3
Simon Stolworthy 12.0
Charlie Stow 23.2
Norman Taylor 26.7
Gordon Thurstans 20.4
Alan Unwin 18.7
Mike Wells 28.2
Andy White 17.6
Jim White 30.3
Tug Wilson 16.0
Gary Woodworth 36.00
Dave Woollaston 21.1
Phil Wragg ?
Colin Young 18.6

Friendly Matches

Vets Trophies 2000 – 2021